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Hi! I am Goddess Alessia an ongoing student of ‘Tantric Skies’ Tantra in London. I also trained in Taoist Tantric Shiatsu massage – The Shool of Zen. I studied Counselling and Development of Learning at Walthamstow collage 1989. I attend regular Tantra workshops, massage work shops & keep involved in the Tantric circles, associations and events as there are always new things to learn. Life has lead me down a curious path but one in which I discovered Tantra in London, it has now become a lifestyle for me and I very happy one too. I do all my sessions from my heart and with integrity, sharing what I have discovered.

I specialize in the ART OF TANTRIC MASSAGE  using the healing power of touch – The chemical composition of your body is changed by touch – Caressing, hugging, stroking, cuddling – it sets of a chain reaction of chemicals from your brian. You will loose track of where you are, mental chatter disappears and your mind and body are set free, you will leave my sacred space feeling at one with the universe, revitalised and refreshed!!!

Tuesdays and Thursdays 4 handed massage with Goddess Jasmine – She specializes in Shiatsu, Female sensuality and tantric massage. Jasmine is a qualified bodywork therapist, her deep understanding of the body through it’s points for healing and pleasure, allows her to dissolve layers of
hidden tension. Once these layers have been peeled away, your entire being becomes more receptive to receiving and experiencing touch. Click her for more about Goddess Jasmine

Your body is the temple of your soul; sensual energy is our strongest and most original source of joy and power.

Tantra was first discovered about 5000 years ago and is based on creating harmony between the Cosmic Male and Female energy. Tantra recognizes and acknowledges that this union between the male and female is the most important fundamental law of the universe.

The Male energy is called ‘Shiva’ he represents Lord of the Universe and the Female energy is Shakti, the mother of all, goddess of the universe..whilst we are together, I am your Goddess, and you are the lord of my universe!!

Tantra also works very closely with the bodies Chakras, these are 7 major energy centers located in specific areas of the body, it is important to recognize them and keep them in line, they interact with the universal forces which are governed by a divine cosmic consciousness.

Conscious sensual according to tantra, unleashes a powerful force within the body known as kundalini energy. The kundalini force is female creative energy manifested in all universal matter, it is often portrayed as an uncoiled serpent in ancient Indian statues.

The Kundalini normally lies dormant within us, but if it is awakened by yoga, meditation and sensual activity it ascends up through our body through the chakras.

Each chakra has a different level of vibration that you will feel it as it makes its potenti


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